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NOTEMATRIX® ERP system is a tool to register the events of the enterprise activity (input) combined with a set of algorithms for classification of the data (processing) and means for real-time provision of information (reports).

The interaction with the user’s system comes down to the registration of the economic event according to the template preset during the customizations (setting). The customization of the system involves creating a sufficient number of such templates and rules for their routing.

NOTEMATRIX® consists of a core and services.

Creating documents, registering economic events, creating templates of business processes, cost calculating, accounting for currency fluctuations, operational, management, tax and financial statements, final reports, analytical records and differentiating the access, export-import of documents, searching data, as well as a means of system customization have been realized in the core of NOTEMATRIX® .
The core of the system is oriented toward reporting business processes of different complexity of each enterprise.

NOTEMATRIX® services provide a price list, document sight, sales analysis tool, stock analysis tool, liabilities control, order management, job instructions, calculation spreadsheets, tax books, maps of the counterparty, etc.
The implementation of new services and the improvement of the existing one is a strategy in the development of the system.


NOTEMATRIX® ERP system is built on the client/server technology with primarily assigning the business-logic rules on the server side (fat server). The industrial cross-platform Firebird SQL-Server serves as RDBS.

The client part is implemented in Java. There are many predefined elements. It is supplemented with built-in user’s SQL-query visual editors, reports and forms to support Java-script. Moreover, data access can be achieved by JDBC, ODBC, ADO drivers or directly via Firebird-API.

The administration of the system comes down to the control on the super-user’s password, the state of the automatic backups and the mirror database. The passwords and the access privileges of the ordinary users are managed by the system at the human resource level in the enterprise. Monitoring the activities of the users at peak loads is possible, but not mandatory.


The customization of the system is predominantly implemented by integrated visual tools. The customization logic is oriented to the professionals in sectoral consultation and the auditors (in the financial part). The special cases can be realized with the implementation of built-in SQL-queries and Java-script. The realization of data exchange with other information systems requires the involvement of the system administrators.

The expansion of the system functionality, including the highly specialized one, is carried out by the manufacturer and the authorized partners upon individual requests.